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Account Planning

Account Planning

Flexible, methodology-neutral account sales planning – affordable, easy to adopt, and built inside of SalesForce.com  Learn More

Territory Planning

Create solid territory sales plans to help your sales teams leverage insights into their territories (geographic, industry, vertical markets, and more)  Learn More

Pre Call Planning

Guide pre-call planning to ensure your team takes full advantage of every opportunity during every sales call  Learn More


icon-smile Sales, account and territory planning, sustained results

Plan your territories, accounts, staff and sales calls, all within your existing SalesForce.com sales management environment

Managing sales, teams and territories shouldn’t be difficult. Now it isn’t.

Plan 2 Win’s applications (in SalesForce.com’s AppExchange) let you make your numbers by better managing your sales teams, their strategic accounts, their territories and even coordinate pre-call planning. Better, sustained sales results come from sales planning, using your preferred sales methodology and all within the familiar SalesForce environment.


icon-star Sales plan­ning should not be difficult

Effortlessly develop and manage sales plans that improve results

You make your numbers when your sales team make theirs. Creating strategic account and territory sales plans that fit your preferred methodology creates predictable, sustainable sales results. Plan 2 Win apps let you and your sales staff easily and quickly create territory, account and sales call plans — no new, complex methodology to learn and no massive sales management suite to master.

Sales planning should not be complex

No need for software suites and sales methodologies that add undue complexity that frustrates your sales team

Most sales are somewhat complex, yet not so much that you need massive software suites or odious sales methodologies. Sales managers and teams need straightforward tools that guide sales activities and that fit the sales approach that you use – the one that works for your company, your market and your customers. Plan 2 Win was built for sales involving several stakeholders and anywhere from two to twelve months of sales effort – sales planning tools for the most common B2B sales.

What is your situation – new, experienced, or executive sales manager

home-div3-photo-q70icon-cloud Sales planning tools in Sales­Force

Perform all your territory, account and sales-call planning inside of SalesForce.com

Sales planning tools should work in your day-to-day environment. For most sales teams, that is SalesForce.com. Plan 2 Win was designed and built within SFDC, merging your sales planning, sales strategy and sales management functions. Plan 2 Win applications drive direct planning of opportunities, accounts and territories – all in one integrated environment. This makes it easy to monitor and execute your plan, winning new sales and more deeply penetrate current accounts.

home-div4-photo-q70icon-method Practical planning tools, your sales meth­odology

Don’t abandon your sales approach for a sales planning tool – get one that works the way you do

A sales planning tool should never force you to change your sales methodology, or prevent you from changing it later. Nor should it break your budget or take months to learn. Plan 2 Win lets you create effective sales plans using whatever sales methodology you have or want to implement, now or in the future. Plan 2 Win gets sales teams up to speed and productive quickly by being quick to adopt, easy to use and providing the visibility you need to manage sales efforts.

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