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You are using Salesforce.com and want to get more out of it. You want to have the most productive sales force. Plan2Win sales planning apps help you make it happen by enabling your team to do better strategic planning and significantly improve their sales results. This provides distinct benefits to:

Here is the value our apps provide you:
VP’s of Sales, Chief Sales Officer
Challenge Plan2Win App Solution
  • Achieving sales goals
  • Predictable results
  • Maintaining pipeline visibility
  • Managing cost of sales
  • Plan2Win sales plan templates enable you to assess if you are on-track to meet short and long term sales goals.
  • Plan2Win apps add consistent account and territory planning templates.
  • Plan2Win dashboards and reports provide insight into account and territory progress; augmenting the opportunity visibility.
  • Standard account and territory planning templates improve communications, sales reviews/effectiveness and reinforces use of Salesforce.com.

Provides tools for sales managers, account and territory managers to improve their performance and enables you to meet the strategic objectives you have for your organization.

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Sales Director/ Manager
Challenge Plan2Win App Solution
  • Inconsistent sales performance across team
  • Missing short/medium term goals
  • Strategy not acted on
  • Lack of visibility into sales efforts
  • Sales planning templates provide consistent planning process, methodology and communication across the organization.
  • Meaningful reports and dashboards at account and territory level so your team can adapt quickly.
  • Generate activities directly from the strategy screen to drive behaviors and track actions.
  • See current status and recent history at account and territory level via plans, reports and dashboards.

These tools enable your team to operate and report in a uniform manner across all territories and accounts. They improve sales performance against plan and ensure the success of all your sales team members.

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Sales Operations Director/Manager
Challenge Plan2Win App Solution
  • Inconsistent sales effectiveness
  • Insufficient feedback to course correct and improve results
  • Adoption of approach
  • Achieving sales process metrics
  • Consistent sales planning approach, reports and dashboards to track progress.
  • Visibility to sales plans, reports and dashboards and changes in the environment.
  • Train team on app, experienced consultant provides guidance on engaging user adoption.
  • Provides visibility into activity and progress at the account and territory level.

Standardize on tools for sales performance enhancement and elevate the visibility of Salesforce.com info via strategic account and territory planning.

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Account Manager or Territory Manager

Creating a sales plan enables you to identify and respond to issues quickly.

Challenge Plan2Win App Solution
  • Unexpected sales process stalls or losses
  • Adjusting to rapid change
  • Maximizing results from territory, accounts
  • Creating a sales plan enables you to respond to issues effectively and quickly.
  • Template helps you capture trends and respond to them quickly and effectively.
  • Develop a sales action plan that includes strategies and activities to maximize results.

Our apps help shape your strategic thinking and approach so you achieve your account and territory goals. Having clear goals and tracking your progress accelerates your success. Win the account, not just the deal. Drive revenue growth by taking conscious, high-impact actions.

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Our apps provide sales planning templates to help you manage opportunities, accounts, territory and execute plans to consistently achieve your goals.

Plan2Win apps enable strategic account and territory planning in Salesforce.com; making it easy for your sales force to quickly build and implement sales plans to improve their sales results.

We deliver training on how to use our sales planning templates to produce the best business results. Further, we provide consulting and web-based training on Strategic Account and Territory Management Best Practices.