Account Planning

Do you have a sales template to help WIN BIG DEALS?

Account Plan Pro for is a sales strategy template for strategic account management. As a key account planning template, it guides sales people in identifying high-leverage opportunities, strategies and tasks and driving quota attainment and account penetration.

These strategic account plans are ideal for account reviews. They save time re-entering data and provide one place to monitor results and adjust strategy and action plans. It is best for salespeople/account managers who manage a few key accounts.

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Account Plan Pro in-app dashboardsCreate an Account Plan, including:

  • Goals & strategies for their achievement
  • Key opportunities and strategies to win
  • SWOT analysis
  • Sum all open and closed opportunities
  • Calculate pipeline needed to achieve goal
  • Automatically bring in opportunities
  • Connect strategy to action
  • Reports and Dashboards to track progress


  • Improve account penetration
  • Ramp up quickly and easily
  • Manage and guide progress
  • Great Value (see pricing page)

See screenshots of Account Plan Pro.

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Selecting a Strategic Account Management Tool

Important elements to look for:

Works in your CRM (i.e. Designed to enable the account manager
Straight-forward, easy to use and learn Insight for the manager; facilitates coaching
Good Value in dollars and training time Works with any sales methodology

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