Dramatically Improve Sales Effectiveness

We helped a medical capital equipment company institute a comprehensive approach to sales planning and selling processes. Within 1.5 years, they had the following results:

  • Sales per salesperson up by 50%
  • Margins went up by 10%
  • Market share improved by 53%
  • Win/Loss ratio grew by 131%

Building effective sales plans help you fill your funnel with better opportunities, make better use of your time and win more business!

Selecting a Sales Strategy Template

Important elements to look for:

  • Works in your CRM (i.e. Salesforce.com)
  • Straight-forward, easy to use and learn
  • Good Value in dollars and training time
  • Designed to enable the sales person
  • Insight for the manager; facilitates coaching
  • Works with any sales methodology

Sales Planning Apps Overview

Sales Pipeline Software in Salesforce.com

Sales Plan Template Key Ingredients

  • Trend analysis
  • Strategies to accomplish goals
  • Accounts to penetrate
  • Opportunities to focus on
  • Relationships to leverage
  • Sell your unique value
  • Easy to access and implement

Preparing Sales Action Plans for Territory and Strategic Account Management

Writing sales strategy plans enable effective territory and account management that dramatically improves sales results across the salesforce. Our White Papers provide the key ingredients of a sample sales plan.