Here’s what people say about our Apps

  • Straight-forward, easy to use.
  • Good value for the money.
  • It’s important to have sales plans integrated into

“It’s the kind of tool you need to run your business.”
- Chief Sales Officer of a Technology company

These apps transform Salesforce from a data repository into a strategic selling tool.”
- CEO, sales consultant, former VP of Sales for medical equipment company

“It makes Salesforce a usable tool for salespeople… to build and manage their plan.”
- Business Development Manager of a Medical Technology company

“Account Plan Pro – an easy to use winner”
“Over each of the last 3 years we have achieved double-digit sales growth. Account Plan Pro has assisted us in applying critical thinking to our account planning process and has contributed to more effective management of our accounts. Adding Account Plan Pro to our broader sales account management process has contributed to our success.”
- Director of Sales of an Insurance Underwriter

“This is simple elegance.”
- Vice President of a Global Insurance company

“Simple, easy territory planning tool. Excellent tool to get Territory Account Managers quickly focused to identify key opportunities and ensure they are building strong buying relationships with strategic clients. Installation friendly; deployed globally with no issues.”
- Business Application Manager of a major Telecommunications company

“Excellent way to get a grip on territory plan. Nice app that helped us get a better handle on our territories. For sales; by sales. Good stuff.”
- President and CTO of a Technology company

“Your tools are an essential part of a successful sales team these days and truly the difference between good and great.”
- CEO of a Venture Capital firm

“We love the application and are taking full advantage of it. It makes mine and my manager’s life a whole lot easier.”
- Strategic Account Manager of a Software company

“Clear/concise plans that were well organized and easy to report on that did not exist out of the box. Territory Plan has helped me to achieve this almost instantaneously, and for very reasonable cost. It’s easy to use, and provides great value when you need to be strategic about your sales model….especially when selling in a tough economy.”
- VP of Sales of a Software company

“Great way to integrate written plans into Salesforce: Nicely priced app that takes all of the written ‘side notes’ we kept on accounts and puts them into an organized fashion. Fast and easy to setup.”
- President of a Technology company

“We use the app to support a weekly review of our territories on our weekly sales call and to create plans for each territory for the new quarter / year. Our plans combine the work of the inside sales team / direct sales team for a given territory. It has been a good mechanism for them to use to to work together / collaborate on their territories. We would recommend it.”
- CEO of a Software company

“Our sales team was seeking a better way to build strategic account plans. We needed a sales planning template and one place that everyone could access it. Account Plan Pro was selected because of the quick ramp up time and minimal training. It covers everything you need for strategic planning and the process to fill out the information is simple. Account Plan Pro has improved our sales results through better planning and use of stakeholders in executing these plans.”

-  Sales Manager of a Software Development company

“Plan 2 Win Software has helped simplify the territory planning process for my team saving the time and effort it takes to consistently manage and update their sales plans. More importantly, the thought process this provokes for our sellers has improved their planning skill set, and is helping the team better execute against their sales targets. The application was simple to install, took less than an hour to learn to use, and provided immediate impact in helping our team better plan. Having the plan truly integrated into provides the constant reminder that planning is essential to any seller’s success.”

- VP of Sales of a Software company