Executive Briefing

Top 3 Reasons Sales Teams Miss Quota… And What to Do About It

How to shift from struggling to succeeding at a higher level.

In recent years, almost 40% of  salespeople and almost 60% of companies did not make quota.
Yet, the top people and sales organizations did dramatically better.

Learn the Top 3 Best Practices to Drive Dramatic Sales Growth.

We have synthesized $1M worth of industry research to provide insight into the Top 3 Best Practices to Drive Dramatic Sales Growth.

You will learn:

  • The 3 Barriers to Success and how to respond
  • A Sales Planning Proficiency Model for determining where you stand
  • The Top 3 Sales Planning Best Practices
  • Tools to enable greater sales planning effectiveness

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Plan2Win Software:

  • Provides sales planning software integrated in Salesforce.com
  • Apps enable sales teams to create and manage territory and account plans
  • As a result, they focus on better prospects, make better use of their time and resources and produce better results!

We have helped many sales teams dramatically enhance sales results by:

  • Improving account and territory management effectiveness
  • Working with sales managers to manage adoption of our tools and methods to drive sales growth

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