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Sales planning education

Recordings of Plan 2 Win webinars, videos and presentations

Manage your Territory by Working your Plan

This is an overview of our webinar on how sales territory management/planning best practices that can make a big difference in your sales results.

Research shows that top sales organizations produce 25% better sales results and good territory planning and management is one of the key elements that propels best sales teams forward.

Topics Covered

  1. The Challenge and Impact of Territory Planning
  2. Territory Planning Best Practices
  3. Elements of an Effective Territory Plan

We also share the result of audience polls taken during the Webinar.

Presentation slides: Plan2Win Terr Planning Best Practices Webinar


Our objective is to help you do a better job of sales planning and implementation so your teams make their numbers.

Your sales planning education begins with the #PLAN to WIN Tweet Book, and continues here. Our popular webinars and conference presentations help you avoid sales obstacles and generate more business.

Overcoming Three Top Barriers to Achieving Sales Goals

Three things stand in the way of sales more often than anything else. Knowing, recognizing and planning around these barriers brings greater sales success. This is something you and all your sales teams need to know.

In this recording, Plan 2 Win President Ron Snyder distills over a million dollars’ worth of industry research to shift you from struggling through sales to planning for sales success. You will learn:

  • The “reaction trap” – what it is and how to avoid it
  • The three top barriers to achieving sales goals
  • How sales planning steers you around these barriers

Presentation slides for Overcoming Three Top Barriers to Achieving Sales Goals.


A Sales Leader on the importance of Territory Management

Getting the Best Results from Sales Territories

This webinar covered how to get the best results from a sales territory- based on best practices from a synthesis of industry research.

Topics include:

  1. Territory Management challenges
  2. Establishing a Territory Management Process
  3. Using an effective Territory Plan

PDF: Plan2Win Webinar Best Results from Territories

Averting Stalled Sales Opportunities

Nothing hurts more than to chase a sale and watch it stall. There are reasons why a sale stalls, and knowing why tells you how to move from neutral to high gear.

In this webinar, Plan 2 Win President Ron Snyder teams with Peter Cohan of the Second Derivative and Sean Murphy of SKMurphy to discuss diagnosing and recovering stalled sales opportunities.

Slides from this Averting Stalled Sales Opportunities presentation.


Penetrating Target Accounts

Best Practices for Strategic Account Penetration

Penetrating strategic accounts can be a make-or-break issue. Win the big opportunity in a key account and you will rocket ahead. Lose that same opportunity and you might be looking for a new job.

In this two part series, Plan 2 Win President Ron Snyder and Todd Grierson of InsideSales.com dive deeply into penetrating important accounts.

In part one, Ron deals with strategic account plans – how to draw a roadmap to penetrating every account.


In part two, Todd shows how to connect with the key players – the stakeholders who can drive adoption of your products, or instantly veto them.

The for Penetrating Target and Strategic Accounts – Strategic Account Plans and Connecting with Key Players are available for sharing with your teams.