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Account Plan Pro

Strategic account planning within SalesForce.com

“Over each of the last 3 years we have achieved double-digit sales growth. Account Plan Pro has assisted us in applying critical thinking to our Account Plan Process and has contributed to more effective management of our accounts.”

Dave Thomas, Director of Sales
American Institute for Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters ­and the Insurance

Shifting from reactive to strategic account planning produces results. Account planning leads to deeper customer relationships, winning new accounts, penetrating new business units and opportunities in existing accounts.

With Account Plan Pro, your team more effectively generates and executes strategic account plans. From within your SalesForce.com environment, you can see what is happening with your accounts, opportunities and sales funnel.



Better sales planning improves sales performance

Salespeople who do account planning are 41% more likely to achieve quota, according to Donal Daly. Account Plan Pro is designed to give your sales team that advantage.

Account Plan Pro instills behaviors that reap rewards. By shifting your team from react mode to strategic sales planning, Account Plan Pro:

  • Guides you through complete account planning steps
  • Creates realistic goals and action plans to achieve those goals
  • Generates the relationship strategies necessary to penetrate strategic accounts

Practical account planning that fits your selling style

You should keep the sales approach that works best for you while getting more productive with minimal effort. Account Plan Pro focuses on your need to manage your sales teams in the mode that works best for them and for you.

Account Plan Pro achieves this by providing heads-up tools for defining:

  • Sales goals
  • SWOT Analysis and key trends
  • Opportunity targeting
  • Account strategies and tactics plans
  • Account team and partner participation
  • Clear action plans

Account Plan Pro helps you, the sales manager, keep abreast of sales team effectiveness by:

  • Constantly updating sales funnel data
  • Visualizing sales progress toward goals
  • Identifying sales coaching/mentoring opportunities
  • Expedited monitoring via dashboards and reports

Your sales team and partners are always part of the plan:

  • Use Account Plan Pro from any device, anywhere (great for tablet-using road warriors)
  • As a SalesForce.com application, it speeds sales staff adoption
  • Plans can be exported to PDFs to share with people outside your SalesForce.com environment

Low cost, high return, quick ramp-up

You need to elevate your strategic account planning now. Account Plan Pro moves you from operating in a reactive, ad hoc manner to strategic account planning. Because it is designed for practical use, your team will quickly adopt Account Plan Pro.

Geared for the proactive, complex sale, Account Plan Pro delivers realistic tools for effortless planning, and does so at prices that produce value – you make your numbers without investing a lot of time, money or effort.

  • Low financial impact
  • Easy: Designed by and for sales people, not software engineers
  • Methodology agnostic: No need to change your sales methodology, or avoid one you want to try
  • Natural: A seamless part of your current day-to-day SalesForce.com environment

Test drive for free

No need to risk anything. Take a free 30-day test drive of Account Plan Pro and our other sales planning tools. You will quickly see what others have – that Plan 2 Win accelerates your success.

“Plan 2 Win Software has helped simplify the Territory Plan Process for my team saving the time and effort it takes to consistently manage and update their sales plans. It is helping the team better execute against their sales targets. The application was simple to install, took less than an hour to learn to use, and provided immediate impact in helping our team better plan. Having the plan truly integrated into sf.com provides the constant reminder that planning is essential to any seller’s success.”
- Jeff Heine, Vice President of Sales, Outstart

Account Plan Pro Video: Creating an Account Plan

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Account Plan Pro Video: Reports and Dashboard

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