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Pre Call Planning

Quick and effective, all within SalesForce.com

Conducting a sales call on prospects and customers without a game plan is a sure way to produce poor sales results. You are likely to miss opportunities you could have won and take longer to win others. If your sales people have ever come back to the office wishing they had asked just one more question, then they did not plan their sales call.

Pre-Call Planning, a free application for SalesForce.com users, guides pre-call planning and ensures your team takes full advantage of every opportunity during every sales call. Pre-Call Planning sales call planning templates:

  • Establish and document clear call objectives
  • Lay-out action, outcome and next-step planning
  • Document what needs to be learned and communicated during sales calls
  • Plan what to provide the customer and what to ask for

Pre-Call Plan features that improve sales calls

Pre-Call Plan makes sales managers and sales teams happy. Within the standard SalesForce.com tasks and events pages, you and your sales people see templates that:

  • Clarify the primary objective of the sales call
  • Capture the top three items you must convey to the customer
  • Identify the top three pieces of information you must obtain to progress to the next step
  • Establish what you want the customer to give you during the call (e.g. access to key people, requirements lists, etc.)

Sales pre-call planning integrated in ways that work for you

You and your sales team don’t have time to invest in difficult to learn point solutions. Pre-Call Planning doesn’t get in your way – it is a natural part of your work and strategy environment.

  • Built into SalesForce.com
  • Dove-tails into Plan 2 Win’s account and territory sales planning tools, also in SalesForce.com
  • Based on easy to understand and master templates

Start pre-call sales planning today, for free

There is no reason to hesitate. Pre Call Plan is yours for free from SalesForce.com’s AppExchange. It takes seconds to install, minutes to learn, and makes your sales people more effective from the very first call.