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Territory Plan Pro

Sales territory planning, quick and effective, within SalesForce.com

“Simple, easy territory planning tool. Excellent tool to get territory account managers quickly focused to identify key opportunities and ensure they are building strong buying relationships with strategic clients. Installation friendly – deployed globally with no issues.”

Anne Rawls, Business Application Manager, Avaya

Visible sales territory plans focus your sales teams on selling in their assigned areas while giving you, the sales manager, a strategic view of those territories. You need broad views across all territories while your sales team needs great strategies to win in their specific territories.

Create solid territory sales plans with Territory Plan Pro. Help your sales teams leverage insights into their territories (geographic, industry, vertical markets, etc.) and become aware of opportunities and entry points into accounts that they might have missed.



Sales territory plans focuses sales team execution

Territories are created to focus sales teams on penetrating sales territories. Using Territory Plan Pro leads to:

  • Increased sales effectiveness by pinpointing your sales teams’ efforts
  • Shorter sales cycles by targeting high probability accounts and opportunities
  • Productive strategic reviews and territory planning
  • Territory managers generating strategies for their territories, accounts and opportunities therein
  • Allocating resources very effectively

Greater monitoring insight into territory activities and the ability to coach sales teams accordingly

Sales territory planning within SalesForce.com

As an integral part of your SalesForce.com environment, Territory Plan Pro drives greater sales success by:

  • Standardizing the sales Territory Plan Process across your entire sales force
  • Building territory strategies and plans, identifying and leveraging key trends
  • Automatically calculating pipeline requirements and gap based on your sales goals and current pipeline activity
  • Updating your funnel requirement and gaps using your close ratios and open opportunities
  • Identifying ripe target accounts and opportunities
  • Creating high-impact strategies with key partners
  • Guiding territory managers in generating tasks and events for each territory strategy
  • Generating reports and dashboards to track and guide progress

Speed sales territory planning

Using territory planning templates inside SalesForce.com is why sales managers love Territory Plan Pro. By planning territory, account and opportunity strategies, then tracking progress of those strategies, all within the normal day-to-day SFDC environment, you:

  • Speed planning
  • Track all important sales activity metrics
  • Visualize the plan and results for each territory
  • Focus territory sales staff on territory-specific solution selling plans

Give sales managers a broader view of progress in key accounts and opportunities

Start sales territory planning for free

If you are not creating and implementing effective territory plans in each sales territory, start today. Take our free 30-day test drive of Territory Plan Pro, and our other sales planning tools. See how rapidly Plan 2 Win’s Territory Plan Pro brings strong territory management to your sales team.

“Plan 2 Win Software helped simplify the Territory Plan Process for my team, saving time and effort. It is helping the team better execute against their sales targets. The application was simple to install, took less than an hour to learn to use, and provided immediate impact. Having our territory plans truly integrated into sf.com provides constant reminders that planning is essential to any seller’s success.”
–Jeff Heine, Vice President of Sales, Outstart

Territory Plan Pro Video: Generating Sales Territory Plans

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Territory Plan Pro Video: Reports and Dashboard

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