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The experienced sales manager

Getting your sales teams to deliver consistent results

Your sales management experience alone will not cause your sales teams to perform. One big problem for mid-career sales managers is producing consistent results through their sales people. Not every sales person makes their numbers, nor does every territory. Often this comes from not having a properly documented sales strategy for accounts and territories. Even then, a great strategy can fail because sales people are not continually reminded of the strategy. Even if they do recall the strategy, the sales manager needs to monitor progress.

man-on-phone-pcGetting sales plans together is your first mission

Creating account and territory plans without a guide can be frustrating, requiring extra time while people decide what to include. It can, also, be difficult to track progress. That is where Account Plan Pro and Territory Plan Pro raise performance consistency across your sales team. As a part of the SalesForce.com environment, you and your team use our templates to establish plans for each territory and all strategic accounts. By walking through the same check lists and generating the same necessary information, you create account and territory plans in a predictable way every time.

Consistent plans lead to consistent efforts and results

Sales people have been known to skip steps while rushing to make a sale. This loses business. But when a sales person uses a sales plan that includes all the necessary information to close deals, their win rate rises.

Sales managers must monitor to assure consistent performance

Yet you are ultimately responsible, and need to know when one or more accounts or territories are in trouble. Reports and dashboard that highlight accounts, territories and sales people who are sliding is your early correction tool, one that gives you the ability to coach the right sales person or team at the right moment.

Account Plan Pro and Territory Plan Pro deliver consistency

The bottom line – and that is what sales people care about – is that you must manage the sales effort, which means you must plan it, monitor it and guide it when appropriate. With Plan 2 Win’s applications for SalesForce.com:

  • You create consistent account and territory plans using field- and time-tested templates
  • You communicate account and territory plans consistently to your sales and leadership team
  • Sales people are always driven to acquire and document all the information they need to execute sales calls
  • You get consistent visibility into their progress and where they may need help

Territory, account and call planning done right

The cure to sales organization inconsistency is to make your sales planning consistent. That means getting Plan 2 Win – which you can explore for free with our 30-day free trial.

“Plan 2 Win Software has helped simplify the Territory Plan Process for my team saving the time and effort it takes to consistently manage and update their sales plans. It is helping the team better execute against their sales targets.”
Jeff Heine, Vice President of Sales, Outstart