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4 Questions Leaders Must Answer When Managing Change

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Celebrating successful changeThink back on an important change effort that you were involved in; implementing a new direction, system or process. Though some changes go smoothly, most change efforts experience resistance. Why is it an uphill battle? One reason is that we’re biologically wired to resist change. The human body is designed to be homeostatic – stable and balanced. When change occurs, our body makes every effort to restore its original state. The human brain forms neurological patterns that inform our behaviors. The path of least resistance (both neurologically and psychologically) is to continue our current behavior. Another reason is that old habits die hard. Most people prefer to do things “the way we’ve always done them.” With a reasonable effort, however, you can forge a new path… and with it, achieve new results. People react differently to change. Some are open to it; even thrive on it. Others are more risk-averse and resist change. Typically, the people who drive change are more visionary. They can see the benefit of taking a new course. Visionaries need to realize that, even though they see the potential positive impact of a change, it may not be so obvious to others. To be effective, visionaries must sell their vision and the need for change… and have to work harder at maintaining the momentum than they expect! When considering change, our thought process is very similar to how we make a buying decision. We work through a similar set of questions:

  1. Are we motivated to solve this problem?
  2. Is this the right solution?
  3. Is it worth the effort or cost?
  4. How do we succeed?
If you are a leader executing and managing change to drive results, you need to go through this process yourself first, then with your management team, and finally help the people involved realize that the value is worth the effort. Let's explore these questions and how to answer each of them to help those involved embrace the change.  

Being Likable is the Key to Success

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Check out the 12 Habits of Extremely Likable People. How many of these do you exhibit regularly? As I reflect on the people who I have really enjoyed working with, they have had many of these characteristics. Sales and management has become so much more collaborative over the past 20 years. It is even more important in complex sales. You must successfully interact with so many people... in the customer account, working with partners and with your internal resources and executives. If you are a manager today, you must inspire people and earn their respect. Being likable certainly can be a key to success in that area. One executive I have worked with has always been able to ramp up his team in any new role he has taken on. Why? Because he has a long Rolodex of people he has worked with in the past. Whenever he calls any of us up asking if we want to work with him in his new role, we are happy to jump on board. Why? Because he has these characteristics! Share your stories of likable people.  

DreamForce 2013 Take-Aways

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1.    Enable Mobility The promise of Salesforce 1 is to make it easy to develop apps that run across all platforms and take current apps and make them mobile easily and quickly. The intent is to enabling mobility for the business world; making it easier to stay connected to all  stakeholders; customers, partners and team members. It is interesting to see that the user interface is very Facebook-like; leveraging B2C best practices.  

3 Ways to Get the Best ROI from Investing in iPads for Sales

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By Ashley Furness, Guest Blogger and Market Analyst for Software Advice, a research site. Dimensional Research recently reported an impressive 78 percent of employers planning to deploy tablets across their organization in the next year (83 percent of which chose the iPad). But oddly more than half have yet to define a clear implementation strategy. “We talk to companies all the time where they literally purchased iPads for their team with no idea of what they were going to be doing with them,” said Matthew Suggs, vice president of enterprise sales at Mediafly Inc., a company that develops iPad sales tools. With all the hype around using iPads for sales, it's easy to imagine the device as some sort of silver bullet for increasing productivity. But unfortunately, an iPad alone won't be a game changer for your team. Like most technology investments, a clear rollout strategy is needed to ensure management gets the most bang for their buck. So this week, I set out to find experts top tips for getting the most from their Apple upgrade.  

Selecting the Right Sales Software: Five Sources

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Results are not where you need them to be. You know your approach can be improved. You decide you've got to do something about this. You search the web and discover potential solutions to your problem. You ask colleagues and post a question on your social media groups. However, there are so many sales software tools out there; it is hard to know which one will be best for you. Don't despair, there is help! This help comes from five types of sources;

  • Industry analysts
  • Industry and technology sites and newsletters
  • Platform and tool vendor sites
  • Third party reviews
  • User reviews, forums and social platforms