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The Ultimate Predictor of Sales Success

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In the movie, "Money Ball," a young Yale graduate who has never played or managed baseball, comes up with a better measure to predict a team's success. Rather than the traditional measures of batting average, home runs, hits, etc., he said the objective is to get on base more often. If you get on base more often, you will produce more runs and more runs will produce more wins. So, they managed to “on base percentage” and took the Oakland A’s to the American League playoffs spending much less money than other teams. Two years later, the Red Sox used this approach and won the World Series.The Ultimate Predictor of Sales Success The “Advance” is the analogous measure in sales. An Advance occurs when a potential buyer commits to do something specific in a specific time frame that moves the sale forward. If you earn more Advances and progress through the sales process more readily, you will win more sales. So, the Advance is the key leading indicator of sales success. It is important to create a clear picture of the stages in the sales process and the key milestones within each stage. Management’s role is to use this to help the sales team navigate from one stage to the next; achieving more Advances more efficiently.  

Sales & Marketing 2.0 Conference Take-Aways

Posted by Ron Snyder in Sales planning | 1 comments

As I reflect on the Sales & Marketing 2.0 conference, I see that organizations need to:

  1. Connect with buyers- respond quickly, engage them via video (live, on-line, in email).
  2. Ensure sales and marketing align to identify, target and touch empowered buyers.
  3. Engage users. Make it easy for the to get full value from the tool/method.
  4. Identify and implement the critical few strategies and metrics that drive results.
  5. Integrate in one place your tools and methods that drive results (i.e. your CRM).
  6. Communicate across boundaries (internal functions, organizations).
In order to stay on top of these trends, we need to:
  1. Use video more (prerecorded and live) because it brings back the person-to-person connection that is getting lost in today’s selling environment.
  2. Build support connections  that are easy to generate (i.e. through networking, acquaintances) and expand my reach and impact- by being more active in LinkedIn, twitter… and facebook.
  3. Participate in and help develop the value of online communities by delivering valuable content, asking questions that illuminate and sharing my experience.
  4. Manage the conflicting priorities in a world that is moving at the “speed of thought.”

Engage buyers- once they want to talk with you, respond quickly, engage via video (live, on-line, email… Brainshark, imeet)

2010 resolution – Up sell and Cross sell

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Curve-300x224Want to sell more to your customers? Re-Prospect

More and more I hear sales leaders talk about up sell and cross sell with their team. The situation as we all know is that it costs 80% less and takes 50% less time to sell more to people who are buying from you, than to acquire new customers. The problem is that few sales people really know how to accomplish this task. The method that I have found to work is simply to re-prospect. What the hell is re-prospecting you ask? It is simple, but not easy. Simply approach your customers as if you know nothing about them and have honest conversations about them and their business.  

Q4 Sales Plannning for Sales Effectiveness

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Okay... Here we are.  We are getting on close to fourth quarter.  We have 3 months to complete the year and hit our number.  Fortunately, this looks to be a less tough selling environment.  So how are you going to approach your sales territory in the fourth quarter?  How are you going to increase your personal sales effectiveness?  Are you going to make more sales calls? More cold calls?  Are you going to sell more to your existing customers?  Try everything, all of above?  Here are some ideas..