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How to write a Territory Sales Plan

Posted by Steven in Territory planning | 0 comments

There are many aspects to creating a full blown territory sales plan.  However, if you have never written one, where and how to start many be confusing.  While a full blown plan description is longer than a blog post, I will try and hit the highlights. Whether you use slides, spreadsheet, or a document is up to you, but the key is the data that you need to turn into information.  So where do you start?  

Why Creating a Territory Strategy is not easy (for some)

Posted by Steven in Territory planning | 2 comments

Creating a sales plan, or territory strategy, or sales strategy (you choose the name) comes quite naturally for some.

For others it is a chore that is put off until it has to be done and then it gets little grudging attention.  We know that having a clear plan and territory strategy makes even good sales people better.  In fact, most sales people know this.  So, why is it so hard for some to do this simple but critical exercise? As a Manager, we need to understand who on our team is more inclined to have this kind of focus.  The reality is that few Sales People have developed this ability.  Mainly this is the case because a) their profile and personality doesn't help them with things like paperwork and minutiae (that's why we are in sales) and b) it isn't taught any longer.  If you want to understand how to communicate and really work and coach with your sales team, I highly recommend using a profile assessment.  DISC is my personal favorite, mainly because I used it for years and it is very easy for a sales person to learn and use. Not only can you learn about yourself, but now you can use the information to learn about your prospects and customers.  Finding the best way to communicate with a hard to reach prospect, may be the edge that you need in this environment.  An assessment is the first step, in my opinion.