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21 Ways Account Planning improves Sales Results

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Account managerFocusing on Key Accounts is critical to success.

CSO Insights Sales Performance Optimization Study indicated that:

  • The top 20% of customers produce 64% of revenue.
  • 80% of sales leaders rated key account planning mission-critical or very important.
  • Having account plans in the CRM are most effective.

Ed Bronder, Business  Development Manager  of a Medical Technology company said that having an account planning tool in Salesforce.com “makes Salesforce a usable tool for salespeople… that I can build and manage my plan in.”

Sales teams that are involved in complex selling, in a competitive environment (versus a hyper-growth environment) and that sell a significant dollar value are most likely to benefit from good account planning.

How account planning helps you make your numbers- a Sales Management perspective:

It enables you to: