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Inside Sales Best Practices

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Last week I spoke at the AA-ISP (American Association of Inside Sales Professionals) along with Michael Damphousse, CEO of Green Leads, (@damphoux) and our Host Trish Bertuzzi of The Bridge Group (@bridgegroupinc).  I talked about the inside sales best practices in training and coaching your team, while Michael talked about outbound dialing.telesales

What I really enjoyed was that I learned some really good stuff from Michael that I am going to use and steal.  But first, what are the best practices in outbound dialing?  You can get the entire slide deck here, but I learned 2 significant things:

  • Dial at between 8 – 10 in the morning local time, or 4 – 6 in the afternoon (people are at their desks)… Lunch works too
  • Dial at the top of the hour, 10 minutes of until 5 minutes after the hour.   The prospect is just out of a meeting, and hasn’t headed to the next one.

There were a number of significant best practices that I talked about, but 2 really resonated and started some conversation afterward.

  • Create a culture of constant improvement.  Training isn’t an event any more than sales is an event.  Sales is a process with each step leading logically to the next step.  Training and development of a team (Inside or outside) is exactly the same.  Ongoing continuing education not on product (though that can help, as can industry trends etc.) but on skills and technique
  • The second best practice I really try and emphasize with my clients, is splitters.  The ability to listen to and coach a rep on a call in real time.  Without this, coaching is analogous to the hitting coach sitting in the left field bleachers and coaching the batter’s swing.  You can do it effectively since all you see is the end result, and half of the process.

Take a look at the slide deck here, and if you don’t follow Trish Bertuzzi (@bridgegroupinc) and Michael Damphousse (@damphoux) and their blogs, you really are missing an opportunity to learn good stuff.

The Inside Sales Experts Blog – Trish Bertuzzi, The Bridge Group Inc.

Smashmouth Sales and Marketing, B2B Blog – Michael Damphoux, Green Leads, Inc.

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  1. Steve Hilliar says:

    The big problem is simple. Most sales people and sales trainers are not aware of the different skill set required when making major sales. There is a huge difference between making that simple sale and making a sale that requires many interviews and meetings.
    Most of the old training methods are no longer viable in today’s selling world.

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