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Scorecard for Managing Strategic Accounts

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Today, the big focuses on having insight into your customers’ issues and how you uniquely solve them to drive your sales efforts. Man playing chessThis is what the “Challenger Sale” model (by the Corporate Executive Board) is all about.

Likewise, if you focus on strategic accounts, you need insight into how well your team is working with these accounts in order to optimize your results. Having a scorecard enables you to carefully evaluate your key account strategies and use of sales enablement resources to ensure you are getting maximum return on your sales efforts. Keep in mind that there is a huge cost of chasing the wrong deal and wasting valuable resources that could have been used elsewhere. Also, good account planning ensures that your team is driving their sales efforts by insight into the customer’s situation- with the support of key players in the account.

We have developed a scorecard designed to help you do this. It is called the Strategic Account Management Scorecard. It measures a sales organization’s effectiveness compared to Best Practices in six critical categories:

  1. Market Focus
  2. Target Accounts
  3. Account Strategy
  4. Account Planning
  5. Sales Execution
  6. Customer Perspective

The scorecard includes total scores for each category, an overall score and a brief analysis of the results. The assessment worksheet provides space for sales leaders and account managers to annotate action items to improve account management. The assessment is intuitive and only requires about three minutes to complete.

This tool is designed for sales leaders who are committed to developing and managing strategic accounts as a critical element of their revenue portfolio. The benefits of knowing where you stand are many – and the cost of not knowing can be dramatic. While the scorecard provides you important data, the ultimate objective is to help you use the insights to improve your strategies and thus results.

Go here for the scorecard.

Please let me know if you would like to participate in our beta test and use the scorecard to get feedback re your organization… [email protected], 650-508-0622.

The Strategic Account Management Scorecard was designed by AchieveCorp and Plan2Win Software with contributions by Gary Summy, Founder of MoveTheNeedle, LLC.

You may also be interested in our White Paper: A Manager’s Guide to Account Planning.

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