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Are you Getting the Best Results from your Sales Territory Plans?

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As posted on the Selling Power Blog March 3, 2015.Creating Territory Plan How can you best manage your sales territories? Here are seven steps you can use to get the best results from each sales territory.

1. Establish a process.

Determine how you will establish and monitor the progress of territory plans each quarter. A clear set of action steps helps each member of the team understand what’s expected as the quarter unfolds. This includes having territory managers:

  • create and update territory plans

  • and review the plans at the regional and then national levels.

Support, marketing, and other functions should be included in review sessions as appropriate. In addition, you need to include steps to maintain continuity from quarter to quarter, such as working on territory, account, and opportunity plans that take longer than one quarter to implement.

For more details on the implementation of the process across the quarter, see our Manager's Checklist for Territory Planning.

- See the article on Selling Power Blog.


Territory Management: A Sales Leadership Perspective

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Tim Henning 1 small Tim Henning is a Senior Sales Leader with 25+ years of experience in the medical capital equipment space, leading sales efforts for Philips Medical, ADAC Laboratories, DFINE and Alliance Imaging. He helped ADAC earn the prestigious Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award and he has transformed many poor sales performers into winning teams, leading them to peak levels of sales excellence. Here are the highlights of an interview in which Tim gives his take on the pay-offs and the challenges that come with sales territory management.  

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Ron Snyder

For the past 20+ years, Ron has helped companies dramatically improve their sales results, including:

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The companies he has helped include industry leaders, such as HP, Cisco, Siemens, Philips, Alliance Imaging, Synopsys, Mentor Graphics, Adobe and rapidly-growing companies such as Beyond Trust, Zeus Technology and Zonare.

While at Hewlett-Packard, Ron was consistently recognized as a top performer in sales, marketing and management roles related to computer, software and medical solutions.

Is Your Territory Managing You?

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“Are your territories managing you… or are you managing your territories?” Are your territories managing your team… or are they managing their territories? This is a question that has helped improve the results of many sales organizations. We have worked with many senior sales executives who have set up, ramped up and turned around a number of sales organizations; enabling them to achieve dramatic growth even in tough selling environments. One of the common elements of their systems for sales success is installing a good territory management process and template to ensure the sales team is making the most of the opportunities in their areas of responsibility; including territories, vertical markets and channel partners. Further, it is important to always look for ways to “connect the dots”… to understand what was happening in a territory, who the power brokers are, how they affect opportunities across the territory and how to leverage our contacts to make progress in target accounts and sales opportunities.