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A Manager’s Guide to Account Planning

This guide is designed to help managers implement a key account planning process. Here are some of the topics covered:

  • When is a sales action plan needed?
  • Who should develop the account plan?
  • How to organize critical resources.
  • What to include in an account plan.
  • Seven Primary Account Strategies
  • A checklist for Quarterly Account Planning

Territory Strategy: Managing Territories to Maximize Sales Results

Sales territories need to be planned. This paper lays-out sales territory planning to enable your people to get the most out of the potential in their territories. Gain insight into how to:

  • Conduct basic territory assessments
  • Establish tactics meaningful to each territory
  • Create target lists
  • Recruit important partners
  • Build ladders of trust that create lifetime customer relationships

Territory Plan Pro

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Territory Plan Pro

Sales Territory Planning, Quick and Effective within Salesforce

“Simple, easy territory planning tool. Excellent tool to get territory account managers quickly focused to identify key opportunities and ensure they are building strong buying relationships with strategic clients. Installation friendly – deployed globally with no issues.”

Anne Rawls, Business Application Manager, Avaya

Create solid territory sales strategy with Territory Plan Pro. Help your sales teams leverage insights into their territories (geographic, industry, vertical markets, etc.), prioritize territory accounts and opportunities and create strategies to achieve their goals.

It works with Lightning and Classic User Interfaces. Access it anywhere, anytime you get on the internet... in your office or via mobile.

PLAN2WIN APPS ARE DESIGNED TO WORK WITHIN THE SALESFORCE.COM ENVIRONMENT. ALL LICENSED USERS OF OUR APPS MUST HAVE A SALESFORCE.COM LICENSE. Our apps are designed to work in organizations that use Salesforce editions Professional and above.

Sales Territory Plans focus sales team execution

Research shows that creating and implementing sales territory plans leads to:

  • Increased sales effectiveness by focusing the sales teams’ efforts
  • Shorter sales cycles by targeting high probability accounts and opportunities
  • Productive strategic reviews and territory management
  • Allocating resources more effectively
  • Improved visibility into territory activities and sales team coaching

Sales Territory Planning within Salesforce

As an integral part of your SalesForce environment, Territory Plan Pro drives greater sales success by:

  • Establishing a common territory planning process and sales plan template
  • Building insight-driven territory strategies and plans; leveraging key trends
  • Identifying ripe target accounts and opportunities
  • Creating high-impact strategies for key accounts, opportunities and partners
  • Guiding territory managers in generating sales action plans
  • Updating pipeline requirements and gaps based on sales goals and current activity
  • Generating reports and dashboards to track and guide progress

Free Trial of Territory Plan Pro

Free 30-Day Trial

“Plan 2 Win Software helped simplify the Territory Plan Process for my team, saving time and effort. It is helping the team better execute against their sales targets. The application was simple to install, took less than an hour to learn to use, and provided immediate impact. Having our territory plans truly integrated into sf.com provides constant reminders that planning is essential to any seller’s success.”
–Jeff Heine, Vice President of Sales, Outstart

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Territory Plan Pro: Creating a Territory Plan

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Territory Plan Pro: Dashboard & Reports Overview

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Plan to Win Software – Sales Planning Simplified

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Better Planning
Improves Sales Results

Account Plan Pro

Strategic Account Planning

Territory Plan Pro

Sales Territory Planning

Pre Call Plan

Sales Call Planning

“Your tools are an essential part of a successful sales team these days and truly the difference between good and great.”

Marc Savas, CEO of Living Full Blast

Partial Customer List

Triple Lift
Global Atlantic
Financial Express
Amer Institute
Accordia Life


 Account and Territory Planning in Salesforce

Affordable solutions to challenges sales teams face every day

  • Forecasted deals stalling
  • Losing business that could have been won
  • Achieving challenging sales goals
  • Maintaining pipeline visibility
  • Using resources effectively

Sales Executives - sales planning

Produce consistent, predictable results

Easily develop and manage sales plans

  • Ensure you have a good sales action plan and execution
  • Shift from “react” mode and focus on high probability accounts and opportunities
  • Shift from spreadsheets and presentations to tools that were designed for this job
  • Plans, dashboards and reports are easy to access and provide instant visibility
  • A common sales plan template for consistent plans that produce predictable results

home-div3-photo-q70 Sales managers / executives want

  • Strategic planning at the territory, account and opportunity level
  • Prioritize accounts/opportunities and allocate resources effectively.
  • A common approach across their team for sales strategy and implementation.
  • Strategic planning tools built into Salesforce.
  • Apps that are easy to use and learn so they can get up to speed and reap the benefits quickly.
  • Tools that support their sales approach- vs. having to use the vendor’s sales methodology.
  • Visibility so they can respond quickly and provide guidance.
  • Apps that meet their needs out of the box yet can be customized.
  • Solutions that are cost-effective in dollars and training time.

This is what our Salesforce apps are designed to provide.

Is Your Territory Managing You?

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“Are your territories managing you… or are you managing your territories?” Are your territories managing your team… or are they managing their territories? This is a question that has helped improve the results of many sales organizations. We have worked with many senior sales executives who have set up, ramped up and turned around a number of sales organizations; enabling them to achieve dramatic growth even in tough selling environments. One of the common elements of their systems for sales success is installing a good territory management process and template to ensure the sales team is making the most of the opportunities in their areas of responsibility; including territories, vertical markets and channel partners. Further, it is important to always look for ways to “connect the dots”… to understand what was happening in a territory, who the power brokers are, how they affect opportunities across the territory and how to leverage our contacts to make progress in target accounts and sales opportunities.