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2010 resolution – Up sell and Cross sell

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Curve-300x224Want to sell more to your customers? Re-Prospect

More and more I hear sales leaders talk about up sell and cross sell with their team. The situation as we all know is that it costs 80% less and takes 50% less time to sell more to people who are buying from you, than to acquire new customers. The problem is that few sales people really know how to accomplish this task. The method that I have found to work is simply to re-prospect. What the hell is re-prospecting you ask? It is simple, but not easy. Simply approach your customers as if you know nothing about them and have honest conversations about them and their business.  

How to write a Territory Sales Plan

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There are many aspects to creating a full blown territory sales plan.  However, if you have never written one, where and how to start many be confusing.  While a full blown plan description is longer than a blog post, I will try and hit the highlights. Whether you use slides, spreadsheet, or a document is up to you, but the key is the data that you need to turn into information.  So where do you start?  

Creating an Account Strategy in Salesforce.com

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As difficult a sales environment it is today, every sales rep needs a good strategy and a good plan.  That is why we are excited to bring the newest Curve-300x224version of P2W products to the Force.com CRM cloud .  We are committed to helping sales people build trusted relationships with their clients and prospects.  (See the curve above)

Being successful as a sales rep today is tough.  As a manager, it is our job to give our team the sales tools that will increase their sales effectiveness without burdening them with additional software or forms.  That is why we are developing in the Salesforce.com cloud infrastructure.  If you are already using salesforce.com as your CRM system, check out the app exchange.  There are plenty of apps that can help your team. As managers we have to constantly be asking: "What am I doing to help and develop my team?" Account Plan Pro 1.0 for salesforce.com is now released as a Beta product.  Building on the success of the Account Plan 2008 method, we have now released the Beta version of Account Plan pro for salesforce.com.  Integrated into the Salesforce CRM, the team can now create an Account strategy, VISIT_APP_ICON-150x50 Opportunity strategy, and Relationship strategies.  If you are interested in being a Beta test site for free for your entire team, drop me an email at sharper at territoryplan dot com. Good selling! Steve

How To Write a Successful Sales Plan? Know your stuff!

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Especially in a turbulent economy, having a strategy and a sales plan is critical for staying focused, staying on track and making the mid-course corrections necessary to succeed. But the basis of any sales plan has to be based on your knowledge of your business.  What has worked and what hasn't worked?  More importantly, IS THAT STILL TRUE? So do an analysis of your business whether you are the CEO or the Sales rep.

  • First, what is your average deal? I really have to laugh when I ask a sales person and they tell me that "there is No average".   The dictionary defines "Average" as:
the mean obtained by adding several quantities together and dividing the sum by the number of quantities: the arithmetic mean of 1, 5, 2, and 8 is 4.
Now, why is this important?  You have to know based on your business, what you need to do to succeed. Knowing that if I closed 20 deals last year and made 110% , with an average deal size of $30,000, that is good information.  (Usually what I do is take out the two biggest deals that are not typical) So now I can focus on how many I need. I can now look at my performance YTD and my pipeline and see where I am at, NOT JUST from a dollar amount.  So now YTD I have 15 deals and that average is $27,000, I know that the deals are getting smaller, (or that I had a couple of big ones if you didn't take them out) and I need x number of deals based on the average deal in order to make my number.  Now I can look at my pipeline and see if I have the deals I need.