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Selecting the Right Sales Software: Five Sources

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Results are not where you need them to be. You know your approach can be improved. You decide you've got to do something about this. You search the web and discover potential solutions to your problem. You ask colleagues and post a question on your social media groups. However, there are so many sales software tools out there; it is hard to know which one will be best for you. Don't despair, there is help! This help comes from five types of sources;

  • Industry analysts
  • Industry and technology sites and newsletters
  • Platform and tool vendor sites
  • Third party reviews
  • User reviews, forums and social platforms

Sales & Marketing 2.0 Conference Take-Aways

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As I reflect on the Sales & Marketing 2.0 conference, I see that organizations need to:

  1. Connect with buyers- respond quickly, engage them via video (live, on-line, in email).
  2. Ensure sales and marketing align to identify, target and touch empowered buyers.
  3. Engage users. Make it easy for the to get full value from the tool/method.
  4. Identify and implement the critical few strategies and metrics that drive results.
  5. Integrate in one place your tools and methods that drive results (i.e. your CRM).
  6. Communicate across boundaries (internal functions, organizations).
In order to stay on top of these trends, we need to:
  1. Use video more (prerecorded and live) because it brings back the person-to-person connection that is getting lost in today’s selling environment.
  2. Build support connections  that are easy to generate (i.e. through networking, acquaintances) and expand my reach and impact- by being more active in LinkedIn, twitter… and facebook.
  3. Participate in and help develop the value of online communities by delivering valuable content, asking questions that illuminate and sharing my experience.
  4. Manage the conflicting priorities in a world that is moving at the “speed of thought.”

Engage buyers- once they want to talk with you, respond quickly, engage via video (live, on-line, email… Brainshark, imeet)

Dreamforce 2011 Takeaways

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Takeaways from Dreamforce 2011 1. The Cloud is here to stay. “The network is the computer” was Sun’s slogan of the 1980s- as Eric Schmidt, Google Chairman, reminded us. The underlying concept of cloud computing is not new. However, the exponential growth in technology and the fact that it meets real needs is propelling it forward. 2. The need for speed. Even in the 90’s, Cisco could close its books in 2 days while other corporations of comparable size took weeks. Speed is a competitive necessity. You must use the appropriate technologies to accelerate your internal processes, respond to buyer expectations and delight customers. 3. Geography no longer matters. We can communicate with anyone, anywhere, any time. 4. Technology is breaking down walls. Prospects, customers, suppliers, partners and even competitors all participate in forums and social media; making access to information and opinions ubiquitous. 5. “The Web is being built around people” according to Tom Campos, Facebook CIO. It used to be built around companies and web locations. Facebook has led the way and this has driven their success. 6. Business is becoming “social.” Actually, man has always been a social animal, however, the technology has made it easier to communicate. The “social enterprise” is happening- as Salesforce's Benioff asserts. Businesses need a way to collaborate in real time with people inside and outside their organization. Chatter now has group capabilities and can include people (i.e. customers, partners, suppliers) outside the organization.