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My Sales 2.0 Conference Take-aways

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A few takeaways from the Sales 2.0 conference: Mobilize… Access whatever, wherever, whenever… easily and quickly. Socialize… Create and use the network of everyone to connect, learn, accelerate. Virtualize… Connect virtually produces five times more connections. Visualize… Images… Video… Interact… Make it Real. Crowd source… Be the facilitator… Leverage other people’s ideas. Gamify… Make it fun, competitive… Engaging. Listen… Observe… Participate… Learn… Improve. Focus… Keep your eye on the critical few in the midst of information overload. Execute… Have a good plan... Use the tools... Act Quickly... Win more!

Comeback of the Decade – Who Dat!?!

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What a Superbowl!  Man, that was a great game and the party in South Louisiana may last until May. I love New Orleans.  In 2005 I went there with 1500 lbs. of relief supplies for the NOLA Police department.  You see, I am from Louisiana, and some of my family lived (a few still live) in New Orleans. The picture that you see here, I took 3 blocks from the French Quarter.  When I was there there were tons of troops, few people and boat rescues still taking place. Last night in the French Quarter the scene below was taking place. This city committed itself to rebuild and to comeback from the brink.  Many people don't really know how bad it was in New Orleans.  But this city stuck with it and fought back.  Much like the Saints did last night. So here is the question for you... Are you willing to fight back?   2009 was a bad year.  According to CSO Insights, only 55% of sales people hit their number. Are you able to take a huge blow in your sales world and still keep fighting?  We lose deals.  We screw up and lose customers.  Stuff happens.  The bottom line is "How do we deal with it?"

"Never, never, never, never give up!" - Winston Churchill
I am proud of New Orleans... the city and the team.  It would be easy to quit, to give up, to move away... But they stuck it out.  We can learn from this.  Suck it up, try and on-side kick and keep on getting better.  So... what is your plan to fight back this year? Oh.. and for the record... WHO DAT?!?

Inside Sales Best Practices

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Last week I spoke at the AA-ISP (American Association of Inside Sales Professionals) along with Michael Damphousse, CEO of Green Leads, (@damphoux) and our Host Trish Bertuzzi of The Bridge Group (@bridgegroupinc).  I talked about the inside sales best practices in training and coaching your team, while Michael talked about outbound dialing.telesales What I really enjoyed was that I learned some really good stuff from Michael that I am going to use and steal.  But first, what are the best practices in outbound dialing?  You can get the entire slide deck here, but I learned 2 significant things:

  • Dial at between 8 - 10 in the morning local time, or 4 - 6 in the afternoon (people are at their desks)... Lunch works too
  • Dial at the top of the hour, 10 minutes of until 5 minutes after the hour.   The prospect is just out of a meeting, and hasn't headed to the next one.
There were a number of significant best practices  

Do something amazing this year!

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This has nothing to do with sales, but I am in Denver training a sales team.  I don't have time to write, and this is just a great example of fun and exceptional...  If you can be exceptional, you will succeed in sales.  Have a great and fun day!