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2010 resolution – Up sell and Cross sell

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Curve-300x224Want to sell more to your customers? Re-Prospect

More and more I hear sales leaders talk about up sell and cross sell with their team. The situation as we all know is that it costs 80% less and takes 50% less time to sell more to people who are buying from you, than to acquire new customers. The problem is that few sales people really know how to accomplish this task. The method that I have found to work is simply to re-prospect. What the hell is re-prospecting you ask? It is simple, but not easy. Simply approach your customers as if you know nothing about them and have honest conversations about them and their business.  

Great sales tips you can use

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Welcome to Happy Friday! It is a rainy and raw Autumn day in New Hampshire... But we love this time of year.  I have broken out the sweaters, and the leaves are spectacular!  Here are some sales tips and ideas for your long weekend. You are probably sitting there trying to look busy before the Holiday weekend.  Well, guess what... Your competitor may not be.  And that executive that you have been trying to reach is probably working hard trying to finish stuff so he can actually take Monday off. This might be a good time to catch him at his desk and have a quick conversation about how you can help him solve some of those issues that may keep him from playing with the kids this weekend.  But... Since it is Friday, I wanted to share a few blog postings from others that I found useful and I thought you would too. Matt Bertuzzi at the Bridge Group writes about leaving effective voice mails.  I like this one since it is exactly my method and I 100% agree with him. Dharmesh Shah of HubSpot had a great post at the HubSpot Blog about searching Google effectively. Brian Halligan another HubSpot guy had a great post at On StartUps Blog about the impact that the Internet and new technologies are having on Selling.  Who moved my customer? Have a great weekend and Good Selling!

Death of the Outside Salesman?

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This Thursday October 8, 2009 I will be speaking on a Free webinar about Inside Sales and selling SaaS in today's world. The event is hosted and sponsored by Glance Networks. The reality is that inside sales is taking a bigger and bigger role in selling today. In Fact IDC says it will continue to grow.  Whether or not you are and outside or inside sales person, the ability to use the telephone and web based meeting technologies is key to being successful and hitting your number. Willy Loman Death of a SalesmanSo.. is the outside salesman going the way of Willy Loman? Think about it. How easy is it to get meetings? How much time do executives and buyers have to spend in face to face? With so much information and data available online, we already know that the "first" sales call is dead... So, how much longer is the meeting going to live? Will it die completely? Yes... No... Maybe. Frankly in some instances, yes, it will. In others, no. What we as Sales professionals have to realize is, when can a phone call replace a drive? When can a screen share work? If you schedule demos, and show your screen... You should attend this free webinar.

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How to write a Territory Sales Plan

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There are many aspects to creating a full blown territory sales plan.  However, if you have never written one, where and how to start many be confusing.  While a full blown plan description is longer than a blog post, I will try and hit the highlights. Whether you use slides, spreadsheet, or a document is up to you, but the key is the data that you need to turn into information.  So where do you start?  

Q4 Sales Plannning for Sales Effectiveness

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Okay... Here we are.  We are getting on close to fourth quarter.  We have 3 months to complete the year and hit our number.  Fortunately, this looks to be a less tough selling environment.  So how are you going to approach your sales territory in the fourth quarter?  How are you going to increase your personal sales effectiveness?  Are you going to make more sales calls? More cold calls?  Are you going to sell more to your existing customers?  Try everything, all of above?  Here are some ideas..  

Do Sales Tools = Sales Effectiveness?

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With the explosion of "Sales 2.0" mentions, how do we evaluate the sales tools that are available?  Which ones will really drive better effectiveness?

According to CSO Insights, the #1 issue that worries VP Sales and CEOs, behind increasing revenue, is increasing sales effectiveness. In a different survey, 97% of CEOs interviewed are planning on increasing revenue this year.  More interestingly, 67% plan on increasing revenue while REDUCING headcount in the sales department.
Now, I am not a math major, but,  

Selling in Turbulent Times

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Bizcardsm-resized-600_thumbI was on a great webinar last week presented by Dow Jones and CSO Insights, and I recommend that you listen to the replay.  You can click here to watch the "Successful Sales Strategies" replay.  We can talk about Sales 2.0, and sales effectiveness, or even sales optimization.  But a lot of what is making sales people successful at selling in this economy is a) having good sales intelligence and b) having an effective sales plan or an account plan! Why did I like this so much?  First, they based the strategies not only on the sales truths that don't change, but on the completely changed realities of selling today.